You’re probably wondering: What the hell’s ‘Yerba Mate’?

It’s a South American plant-stimulant. Like coffee, but made from leaves. And it’s jam-packed with nutrients. They call it ‘Mate’ (“Mah-Tay”), and around 30 million people drink it every day.

It’s traditionally served as a hot tea in a ‘gourd’. That’s a dried-out husk of a squash, made into a cup with a metal straw. Not that practical.

So we made IKÓ cold and in a can, sweet and citrussy with a herbal kick and a light fizz. So you can enjoy this easy, feel good energy wherever, whenever. No faff. Just feel good vibes.



Have a good one.

Mate is much more than just tea. It’s a refreshing change of pace that helps you to tap that creative side - without letting the jitters out.

A sociable drink that ‘energises the mind’. So it’s ideal for getting things started, completed or just because.



It’s also boringly good for you. All the vitamins and minerals needed to nail life. Zip.

So who’s it for?

Gym bunnies, office monkeys, early risers, late sleepers, new mums, old heads, club pilgrims, festival children, eco-worriers, keyboard warriors, low-no drinkers, late night thinkers. You’re all our people, and we’re here for you.