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I'm Ralph, Founder at IKÓ, this weirdly effective power-tea you've just spent money on.

It's called Maté. And it revolutionised my life. That's how IKÓ got started...

A few years ago, after nearly a decade of working in high-octane office jobs, I was worn out. Working endlessly late nights only to rise earlier every morning, finding less and less time to look after myself. Less exercise. Bigger weekends. I was progressing fast on a career-path I realised was to nowhere I wanted to go.

I was working for big organisations where I couldn’t see the impact I was having. I’d gotten into a vicious cycle that eroded at my physical and mental state. I was getting more pay but feeling less fulfilled as the years went by.


So I got out. I took some time to rethink my approach to life, work and my relationship with my people and my planet. I wanted headspace, happiness, and I wanted to start drinking up every moment life had to offer.

A few weeks after I’d left the office, over a vicious game of monopoly, I was introduced by a friend to Maté tea. She said it was as an alternative pick me up drink and a means to improving both my physical and mental health.

I didn’t think much of it initially. I never experienced any real effects from teas or herbal drinks. But I thought I wouldn’t lose much by trying it out. So, I swapped out my coffee for Maté tea for just 2 weeks. What happened next was extraordinary.

My mood base increased. I could rise earlier. I could concentrate better, work more effectively, live more relaxed; people said my skin was glowing; even the quality of my sleep improved. I was just blown away by the positive effects.

So, I started my research, and the journey began....

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